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Feel free to contact us. All inquiry's will be directed by our administration assistant, but if you are looking for a certain program or staff member view full staff contact directory below, or use the search bar provided below to narrow your search results quicker.


Full Staff contact Directory

Jennie Turner
Executive Director | Ext. #222

Sandra Cumming 
Admin Assistant | Ext. #221

Finance Officer  | Ext. #223

Marie Speakman | Ext.# 224
FSLU-Family Support Worker

| 867.688.5765
Housing Support Officer

Bev Funk

English/Math Instructor | Ext. #225

Delilah Turner

Victim Service Worker | Ext. #231

Yvonne Hopkins
Victim Service Coordinator | Ext. #231

Tina Hawker
Asets Coordinator | Ext. #230

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Tina joined the Native Women’s Association of the NWT in February 2018 as the ASETS Coordinator, has recently retired from Service Canada, ESDC, Government of Canada as a Senior Development Officer, within that capacity has administered various programs within the department such as the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) program and held many other positions in programs and finance as well. She also worked with various departments within the Government of the NWT. Acquired a College and University education in various administrative and financial fields. Her passion lies in humanitarian work, education, training and music. Education and skills development is essential to help shape the future for Indigenous people. Tina understands the effects and impacts of poverty and poor living conditions that requires extensive work to alleviate the pains and sorrows of the destitute. Believes that a spiritual life journey encompasses compassion, patience, love and harmony, to embrace the true nature of life and our imperfections – we are spiritual beings, having a human experience.

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