NWA Training Centre

Graduation 2015

Graduation 2015

Our Purpose

Our mission is to provide training and education programs for Native women in the NWT.

Who Are We?

Our students are from across the N.W.T. and Nunavut. We welcome male and female, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal adults who are serious about improving their education and life skills. Past program graduates have went on to complete programming at Aurora College, the Mine Training Society and Academy of Learning.

Courses Offered

Our courses include Mathematics, English, computer studies, physical education, career and work experience as well as life skills and cultural workshops. Literacy is a major focus of our program. All courses are recognized by regional colleges and can lead to successful completion of grade 12 (GED) or ALBE course work. Our program runs 5 hours per day Monday to Friday, beginning in September and runs until June.

The Native Women’s Association training centre promotes healthy lifestyles, skills training and traditional cultural practices. Workshops and accredited courses include: career counseling, parenting, personal health, first-aid, photography, food preparation, driver’s education, WHMIS, and self-defence. The diversity and range of courses makes our program unique to Yellowknife and demonstrates our holistic approach to learning and educational growth.

How Do I Apply?

Pick up an application at our office or download our NWA Training Centre Application and fax it as soon as possible. You may also need to arrange for accommodations, childcare, living allowances and moving expenses. Student financial support is available through ASETS, GNWT Income Security, or the Federal Employment Insurance program. Staff with the Native Women’s Association can assist you with the necessary paper work.

Application Deadlines

You must apply by your application deadline to receive priority.

Academic Year Begins                                     Application Deadline
September                                                             August 1
February                                                                 January 1

Why Attend Here?

Our students enjoy the community feeling of our program and small class sizes. We make every effort to create a safe and welcoming classroom where all types of learners are included. We have been developing and delivering Adult Education classes in the NWT for 30 years. Our materials have been developed in the North for the North. Whether you are interested in work as a teacher, heavy equipment operator or cook’s helper, our program will help you gain the confidence and skills you need to be successful. Don’t delay – apply today!

Classroom time in 2015

Classroom time in 2015

What Students Are Saying About Our Program

“I am given the time I need to learn. I like that.”

“I was scared of computers but now I’m not. I can make cards, write letters and e-mail people!”

“Before I started attending Native Women’s I was just at home all the time. Now I feel better about myself that I am doing something about my education and planning for my future.”

“I went to residential school for seven years but didn’t get much education. The Native Women’s Training Centre is helping me with that.”

“The whole curriculum at Native Women’s is awesome for my personal development and understanding.”