Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategies

ASETS coordinators

Our Purpose

The Native Women’s of Canada (NWAC) provides employment and training support services to Aboriginal women across Canada through the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) program.  Funded by Employment and Social Development Canda (ESDC), NWAC has provided this service since the previous Aboriginal Human Resource Development Agreement (AHRDA) program.

The NWAC ASETS program is delivered throughout Canda in partnership with the Provincial Territorial Membership Associations (PTMAs) who provide the program at the regional level.  ASETS Coordinators are available in the Regional offices to provide direct client services.  At the national level, NWAC provides the support to the regions through the overall coordination and administration of ASETS.

Aboriginal women looking for employment and training support services can receive:

  • – access to labour market information;
  • use of computers and phones (in most areas)
  • a complete service needs assessment;
  • funding for training and upgrading (based on eligibility, assessment, approval and availability of funds); and
  • referral to other employment agencies or support organizations.

The goal of the employment and training program is to provide Aboriginal women with specific services that directly support their long-term employment goals.  Employment and training supports provided to Aboriginal women through the ASETS program, must focus on labour market demand driven priorities.

The three priorities of ASETS as identified by ESDC are:

  1.  Support demand driven skills development
  2. Fostering partnerships
  3. Emphasis on accountability and results

The types of ASETS programs available to NWAC clients are based on individual needs, as well as community need reflecting regional realities.  These include:

  1. Individual training purchases (ITP)
  2. Job creation partnership (JCP)
  3. Self-employment benefits (SEB)
  4. Targeted wage subsidy (TWS)
  5. Group/Community Training (GCT)

Client eligibility:

  1. Must be fifteen (15) years of age or older.
  2. Aboriginal women (First Nation, Metis or Inuit)
  3. Individuals seeking funding support must be unemployed, under-employed, or can demonstrate immediate risk of becoming unemployed.
  4. Clients who successfully completed a training intervention, and decide (for reasons unrelated to labour market) to change field/occupation, will not be considered for additional funding until they have made reasonable use of their skills in the labour market.  Clients must demonstrate they carried out an active job search between one intervention and new application.



To apply for the ASETS program, please fill out our sign-up form and drop it off at our office.

For more information, please get in touch with us.

Lorna Crane
ASETS Coordinator
Phone: 867.873.5509 ext. 224
Toll Free: 1.888.459.1114

email:  asets@nativewomens.com

4902-50th Ave.
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2P7

Hours: 1 p.m. – 5 pm, Monday to Friday