National Victims & Survivors of Crime week 2016

This year marks the 11th annual National Victims & Survivors of Crime Awareness Week. The goal of Victims Week is to raise awareness about issues facing victims of crime and the services, programs and laws in place to help victims and their families.  This year, Yellowknife Victim Services raised awareness about programs and services in Yellowknife and across the NWT that are available to victims and their families, as the incident of crime and victimization continues to increase in the north and across Canada. The main purpose of this year’s event was to raise public awareness about our programs and services and to encourage victims and their families to come forward to seek support.

May 30th, 2016- held a community BBQ event in front of the post-office downtown to raise awareness of our programs and services

June 1, 2016- Native W omen’s Association NWT hosted a one-day workshop to facilitate discussion around the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women pre-Inquiry that was completed in January 2016. Victim Services workers across the NWT attended the workshop. This gives us a chance to brainstorm about support services that can be made available to families impacted.

June 2nd, 2016- one-day workshop on victim blaming. This workshop was hosted by Status of Women Council NWT in partnership with Yellowknife Victim Services Program. NVACW 2016 bbq 1 NVACW 2016 bbq 2 NVACW 2016 bbq 3 NVACW 2016 bbq 4 NVACW 2016 bbq 5

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