Native Women's Association of the NWT

Community volunteer Income Tax program

The Native Women’s Association of the NWT has partnered with Canada Revenue Agency to provide a FREE tax clinic services to eligible taxpayers.

Drop off location: Native Women’s Association of the NWT.

Hi Yellowknifers, a group of volunteer professional accountants is conducting income tax preparation services to eligible taxpayers free of charge under the CRA’s Community Volunteer Income Tax Program.

Household income up to $50,000

Volunteers do not prepare returns for individuals who:

have self-employment income
have business or rental income and expenses
have capital gains or losses
have employment expenses
file for bankruptcy
are deceased in the year

Drop off your tax documents to Native Women’s Association of the NWT. You will be asked to fill out an information sheet upon drop-off.

income tax cover form 2016

The volunteers will pick up your documents from the office and will contact you once your tax return is ready for filing. You will sign a document authorizing the volunteer to file your income tax return for you.

Please feel free to share this information to others.

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